High End Auto Detailing in Hot Springs Arkansas – Is It Feasible?

Hot Springs Arkansas is the coolest of towns, lots of sights, shopping, restaurants, and mega-tourists having a good time, and going out on the river or lake. It’s also very good place to run a mobile detailing or mobile auto wash business. There are some issues with weather in Arkansas, and it tends to rain a lot in the wintertime. This can be good and bad, it’s good because it messes up all the cars, making them all dirty, but it’s bad because you can’t work during those days. Sometimes it rains all week.

Of course, there are other things you can do with your pressure washer on your mobile car washing or mobile detailing trailer during times of inclement weather. For instance power washing the downtown areas, or the shopping areas in all the suburban neighborhoods. People go to this area to enjoy water sports, golf, fishing, vacationing, shopping, and the very cool atmosphere. Because there is so much tourism the place needs to look spiffy, and therefore people are willing to pay for power washing.

If I were running a mobile detailing operation there I would definitely wish to get a valet parking concession with some of the upper end restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality companies. It’s amazing how many golf courses are in the area and many of these clubs are higher-end, and there is plenty of work there as well.

Speaking of which, it takes a lot of employees to run a city with that much tourism and hospitality, and they’ll need their cars cleaned too. Luckily, many of these employees collect tips, and therefore they pay for their car washing services in cash, which is nice, no checks to bounce or billing.

Indeed, I really can’t say enough about the laid-back atmosphere, and the very nice folks that live and work there. The tourists are always very nice and on their best behavior, and many of them have very nice cars. Of course, setting up the route and the proper locations is paramount, so is being one with the community and staying involved. The economic development association and the Chamber of Commerce are very involved, and with a little networking you should be able to get a strong referral base.

Hot Springs, Arkansas is not a large town by any means and it is somewhat spread out. The population is just over 35,000 and mostly white, with quite a few millionaires, although the per capital income is less than $40,000 due to all the service workers. There are approximately 4,500 plus businesses, and a good number are tourist and hospitality related. Downtown is very historic, and just real fun place to be.

Lastly, this area is very concerned with environmental issues, and storm water runoff, more so than any other city in Arkansas and much more than you’ll find in other states, so you’ll need special permits from the city to do this sort of work. City Hall is right near the convention center at:

Municipal Building 133 Convention Boulevard
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901

Just remember if you start a business like this in Hot Springs, AR, that you’re going to have to collect the waste wash water affluent from each vehicle you clean, and not allow it to go into a storm drain, for if it does, it will definitely end up in the local rivers and lakes, which is quite unacceptable to the people who live in this pristine area. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Used Auto Parts – Affordable, Convenient, Practical and Popular

Owning a car is not just about a one-time purchase. Those who own one would definitely know what I am trying to say. Once the initial period of 3 to 4 years is over, the expenses kick in and this is the time when the manufacturer’s service warranty would also have lapsed. The truth is no matter how well you maintain your vehicle, at some point of time, there would always arise a need for repairs and auto-part replacements. This is because your car is just a machine composed of mechanical and electronic parts and all machines need maintenance and repair over a period of time otherwise they break down.

If you are practical enough in life, you would think that I am stating the obvious. But you might also be wondering what I am trying to arrive at. So here it is.

It does not matter what make, model or year your car belongs to. There can be a malfunctioning, worn out or damaged part prominent enough and you might still be thinking that your car is still new and proud of how well you have maintained it. But when that car breaks down in the middle of the road, it leads to the mother of all embarrassments. That is not all, I haven’t even mentioned the security risks, poor performance and constant relative deterioration of other car parts that can be instigated by a certain part failure.

After that stage, when it comes to repairs for damaged parts, the bills multiply and so do the service charges. This is the worst stage for a motorist. In this case, you have a few options available and it totally depends on you to choose the best one for your car. If you own a brand new car, it is better to seek help from your car manufacturer or dealer where you have purchased it. They can provide new OEM parts that will fit like a charm and make your car feel brand new again. The service might be free of cost but brand new auto parts are definitely not. In fact, brand new car parts are the costliest option available to you. But if your car is relatively old, would it make sense to install a brand new auto part? Definitely not unless money is not a consideration for you.

The competitive automobile market has thrown open another option and that is aftermarket parts. There are a lot of manufacturers that manufacture auto parts either under their own brand name or on behalf of some other car maker. The key is to ascertain whether an aftermarket part seller is recognized or recommended by your car manufacturer. If it is not, you might want to consider the fact that fitting such an aftermarket part in your car will void the car’s manufacturer-warranty. Also, cheap aftermarket parts may seem like a good option but these are not tested and verified to suit all car models. There may be a case that such an auto part can jeopardize the safety of your car and affect other original parts that are connected with it. Such parts may also not confirm to government laws and regulations in your state.

There are also some aftermarket-parts manufacturers who produce performance enhancing auto parts. But that would fall under the category of car customization since it is quite obvious that performance enhancing auto parts are costlier than even brand new OEM parts.

Then we come to the current trend in car maintenance and repairs, the used auto parts. Over the last couple of years, used parts have experienced a tremendous rise in popularity and there are sales figures to prove that. People are increasingly preferring used auto parts when they need replacement parts for their cars. There are a lot of reasons for this surge in demand, let’s understand some of them.

First things first, used auto parts are definitely the most practical cost-effective option. The reasons for that being, when you fit a used auto part in your car, it does not void any manufacturer-warranty since it is an original part made by your car manufacturer. There is no doubt about the compatibility of these parts with your vehicle since these are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s) parts. These are original parts that have been used before in another vehicle of the same year and model. Also, most used auto part sellers clean and test these parts before selling them.

It is a fact that used auto parts usually cost one-third of what the brand new ones do and they also come with a warranty and a quality assurance if you buy from an established seller. That is what makes this concept so popular. There are also some other benefits of buying used auto parts from major auto-parts stores. You not only get genuine OEM used auto parts, but you also get great deals online without even thinking about stepping foot in a junk-yard or a salvage-yard. You can view auto parts online, buy them and have them shipped to your doorstep free of cost at the click of a button. You can also compare deals online to ensure you get the best value for your money. There is also a dedicated customer support available and you can even call the seller to verify your order. Shopping for used auto parts has never been easier. There is a range of used parts available for your car and all you have to do is switch on your computer and search the internet.

If you are searching for a replacement part for your car, I am sure now you know how to get the best deal even without moving a muscle.