Sidi Boots – Options for Motorcycle Riding

If you love motorcycle riding then you must have heard about Sidi boots. These are among the best footwear that you can find for adventurous activities.

There is an interesting story about the origin of the name as it is really a play on words. This is taken from the name of the founder who is Dino Signori. When you take the first few letters from the first and last name, this will give you Di Si which is switched around to form SIDI boots. When you think about this kind of originality, you can now understand why these are considered to be some great items. These boots were actually created in Italy, which contributes to the elite stereotype.

With more than 40 years in this business, these people know a few things about footwear that is designed for motorcycles. When you consider that they have options for skiing, trekking, bicycling and they have offered some of the finest it’s not surprising to find out that they are now designing them for motorcycle riding.

Some of the fantastic designs that you will find nowadays include advancements like sole replacement, inner ankle protection, cam-lock buckles, just to name a few. You can expect to ride safely and get years of wear when you own one of the Sidi Boots. Some of the models will be highlighted below:

Sidi Adventure Rain Boots

You can purchase the components for this model separately. So, whenever a part of the boots gets damaged or perhaps it’s worn down, you can easily remove it and then get a replacement. This boot has features such as a:

  • A composite internal sole with softness for great gripping
  • Shock protectors for the heel made of spilt grain leather
  • Lorica and leather is used for the construction. The buckle system is actually a unique cam-lock style that is replaceable. There is Cambrelle lining and arch support that is removable.

Sidi Strada EVO Rain boots

These boots offers outstanding comfort and street performance. The heel cup will allow sliding whilst offering protection in the form of replaceable shin protectors.

Sidi Streetburner Boots

This design comes with an air vent that is closable, along with double stitching within the high stress sections. A composite internal sole is provided to give excellent comfort. There is an external system for the ankle brace with low cut design to give maximum comfort as well as good flexibility. Some of the other features include shock absorbing heel cups, Tecno-II buckles and removable arch supports.

All in all, Sidi Boots offers some impressive features which mean that they are not one of the most affordable options on the market. But when you consider all the benefits, you will discover that it’s well-worth the cost.

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