What You Must Know About The Rise Of Some New And Popular Motorcycles And Parts Around The World

Over the years, motorcycles have remained as one of the primary choices for transportation. In fact, an estimated number of units is 200 million wherein about 33 motorcycles are for 1,000 people as compared to cars where there are 91 units for every 1,000 users. Whether it be for racing, off-roading, urban travel and other long distance traveling, this type of vehicle just works all around.

Actually, these motorbikes are famous for fuel economy apart from the fact they you also make terrains a lot more manageable than most cars.

There have been a number of manufacturers around the world who still continue making quality units. The motorcycle statistics would tell you though that the biggest player among these manufacturers is now producing motorcycle parts. The production has stirred up the global market and has urged avid fans among motorcycle lovers.

To give you a more vivid look on how big these new players are, take into account the following figures.

There were only 43,000 units of motorcycles in 1980. But in 2012, the number has increased to 11.4 million units. Presently, there are 24 million motorcycles annually producing 19% of the total motorcycles sold around the world. This amounts for the 32% of the total industry revenues. All in all, the industry has earned about USD 24.6 billion and this is in competition against the existing manufacturers.

Although there are bulk of motorcycles imported, you can already find a country that is able to produce their own units and even exporting their quality motorcycles and spare parts. Despite the global economic depression, there is an increase of 7.1% annually from the years 2007 to 2012. There may still be so much work to do as the top brands have already conquered about 53% of the market, it cannot be denied that they are in for some tough competition now.

With the expansion of more motorcycle offerings, buyers must know just how to get the best deal for their investment. Choosing among the different motorcycle parts and bikes from the different brands must be taken seriously. Given the features and specifications of the new releases, the top brands are in serious competition with these manufacturers especially now that they are tagged at very reasonable and competitive prices. It is completely up to the buyer to do a research and carefully examine the available units in the showroom.